Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Together, Wherever we go!

Being a stay at home Mom, my kids are pretty much in tow at all times. Someday I want to run away other days I'm so proud of them and want to show them off the the world.

Today I had to go in and have some blood drawn. The kids have come with me many times before. (We all know the reason women become anemic when they are pregnant is because they have so much blood drawn.)

We get a big chair, Joshie is in his stroller chatting away, and the girls sit next to me. They sit there so quietly and just watch whats going on. Sierra likes to see my boo-boo when I'm done and I show her the tiny little dot.

I can't imagine too many people bring their three kids in with them to have blood drawn...but together, wherever we go seems to a very fitting motto for us! LOL!

I do love my babies, and though it is more challenging than fun, often, I swear I wouldn't change it for anything.

Monday, July 20, 2009

If I never hear this song again!

On our way in town this morning, for a long day of errands, we heard this some on Kids Place Live on Sirius radio. I tried to find it, to post a link, and share such a wonderful song but I have not had luck yet...I will not give up yet though!

So pretty much the chorus to this song is screamed "Getting on my nerves!" This was very cute at Target, our first stop, when the girls will running around like monkeys singing this song. Three hours later it was not so funny! As I type this now and hear them out in the back yard, screaming this is not so funny!

I may call KPL and have it voted off for a week. I may be spared...if at least a week!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Turkey!

Or half a birthday!?!?

Joshua was 6 month old on Thanksgiving day. We started the morning off with a bowl of cereal...for everyone!


Ready to eat...

First bite! Not so sure...

Joshua was showing Mom how to do it right!

Taking charge

The girls
The Daddy

All done! ♥


Later in the day we went to Grammy Dersham's house and enjoyed a big dinner with Mr. Dersham's family! It was a great time! Great food!